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I create custom wordpress websites for my clients using the Elementor Pro builder, and high-speed Siteground hosting. 

Websites have a lot of moving parts. They need graphics, copy, layout, copyright free images, plugins, SEO, and more. I walk you through the process of collecting and creating these part for the front end of your website while managing the backend domain, hosting, and site files for you.  

Book Launch Website

The Challenge: To organize and present information and resources on a detailed topic in a clear manner.

The Solution:

Streamlined layout for a professional and modern look, with graphics, photos, and visual information organization.
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Includes a blog, extensive resource pages, CV layout, embedded videos, calls to actions and customized contact page.   

book website
website design

Emerald Earth Interfaith

The Challenge: To express the sumputous experience of having a custom crafted interfaith wedding.

The Solution:

Golden gradients overlaid on art deco style graphics. Photos of mossy outcrops interspersed with overflowing floral arrangements and bouquets create the visual atmosphere.
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Website logo

Emerald Earth Interfaith

website design

Blogging Platform

The Challenge: To customize a wordpress.com theme to create an engaging journey for the viewer.

The Solution:

Customized images and photos shaped to the needs of the theme, creative use of simple elements available to create a dynamic and engaging experience.
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Wordpress Customization
dynamic media

My Website Clients:

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  • Golden Raven Studio
  • HG Wyndell
  • Gythia
  • Dandelionlady
  • Swallowing Trust
  • Emerald Earth Interfaith