The first words that come to mind are thoughtful, insightful, and creative. As an artist, it was difficult to trust any designer to represent my artistic vision. Mel took the time to get to know me, asked insightful questions, built that trust, and found creative ways of bringing me into the design process. Even when I didn’t quite know what I wanted, she was able to take the ideas I did have and create a beautiful, functional whole. I would highly recommend working with her.

Hanna Christiansen Owner & Artist Golden Raven Studio

Melissa has been my go-to graphic artist for years. She has created logos, sigils, and banners for my religious organization. Her ability to take my abstract descriptions and turn them into perfect visual representations has been amazing.

Jenn Hatter - Cedarsong Gathering

Melissa has been working with my organization for the last two months. With her help we have had a larger foot print on the internet. I have grown the patreon following and making it possible to keep the pantry shelves stocked. Thank you for the great advice and help.

Bill Ehle - Pagans In Need

There’s a reason Mel Hill Studios is the go-to graphics studio for everyone and every project on Planet JWow:  the graphics work is impeccable, innovative, meaningful, and STUNNING. Mel is — on a personal level — a leader and a teacher.  This comes through in her love for details of a graphic that shape how the viewer responds emotionally. It’s also reflected in this superpower of hers for finding the heart of art, whether it’s wearing a mainstream feeling suit or an edgy one. 

I also want to take a moment to thank Mel for being sooooooooooooooooo fun and easy to work with!  I dance before I go into meetings, generally… it turns out that Mel is a vendor who will dance with me to get into the flow of what we want to accomplish and get our creative juices flowing strong!  She listens deeply, to both worlds and what we each mean, then translates that into visuals so that the world can experience what we work so hard to create.

Bottom line:  working with Mel Hill — and Mel Hill Studios — is one of the most communication-based; clearest, most fun, most productive (did I mention that she’s a designer who drives projects to ON-TIME completion? ;-D) collaborations I’ve had in 35 years of working with graphic designers and 20 years of being one.  Anyone who has the timing grace to get to work with her can consider themselves highly blessed and in for a business collaboration treat.

Melissa is a talented artist and designer. She works hard to capture your vision and make it a reality. I love working with her and am excited about our upcoming projects.

Laura Fuller Executive Coach with the Nonprofit Network