My Journey To Graphic Design

I started out wanting to change lives by understanding people better. I went to Michigan State University and got a degree in Psychology, and used it to help young people and teens in foster care. 

Eventually, I needed something different and went back to school again, this time for Organic Hoophouse Horticulture Production, which is a fancy way of saying I learned to grow fancy lettuce.  So fancy.

I was working in sunshine and rain, weeding row upon row of beets or beans. I worked at Giving Tree Farm, listening to the hawks cry and the cicadas buzz while learning how to see the fine details of sprouting lettuce, nutrient deficiency, or insect damage. 

I learned about business models that built in equality and shared risk, like Community Supported Agriculture.

All that time I was an artist too.‚Äč

I’ve worked in acrylic, watercolor, linocut, bone, assemblage, found object, and digital media. 

I still do that work over at Dandelionlady, where I blog about eco-spirituality and where I’ve learned so much about social media, target audiences, Google analytics and all that stuff you need to build your online brand. 

My Graphic Design Journey

I’ve built social media campaigns for a number of non-profits, I’ve build my own brand from the bottom up. I’ve done ad and layout work for Oak Leaves, a druid magazine, and worked with Adobe products for years now. 

I’ve worked with clients to build their brand, make sure their social media is on point and productive, created logos, color schemes, Canva templates, hero images, e-books, websites, and more. I do what needs doing always with the goal of giving my clients the best value for their hard-earned dollars.

So here I am, and I want to share what I’ve learned. My goal is to help businesses, artists, and non-profits to gain the skills I’ve had to learn the hard way. 

I make beautiful and functional designs that really work.  There’s nothing like being a farmer to appreciate the black and white reality of life. Either the seed sprouts, grows, and is harvested, or it is not. 

I am committed to making designs that are beautiful, functional, and work for your target market. I will take the time to actively listen to your challenges and find solutions that delight and educate. 

Let me know how I can help your business look it’s best.

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