The Branding and Logo Process

A look inside the evolution of a logo from ideation to completion.

The final wordmark logo was for a collaboration of two different business consultants. Our goal was to create something that would blend with both of their companies while also being unique. We wanted to create something that was both organic looking and sleek.

the final logo

For a Stratgey Consultant Group

pictoral mark

simplest mark

optional mark

expanded version

Brainstorming Session:

I always start my logo process with a meeting where I can brainstorm with the client. I work to understand their values, needs, target market, and look. A logo is the distilled essence of a business. It’s my job to discover what that looks like.

working with the clients to create many ideas

As we continue with our meeting, I refine the design and try out many variations to discover what looks good and what doesn’t.  The goal is for this to be fun and focused.  Creativity functions best when we’re enjoying ourselves.

Behind the Scenes:

Once I’ve got a direction, it’s my job to apply design solutions to the client brief.  Using Adobe Illustrator I create vector graphics.  This process can involve staring at walls, looking at Pinterest, and going for long walks. Creativity is about brain management!

The Creative Process

Color choices

Color is a huge part of the process. There are a lot of ways to work with color, and I’m happy to help as much or as little as the client desires. 

I do make sure to clarify why I’m making the color choices I’m making, and always want every part of the process to be a dialogue where sound design principles are honored and the client’s needs are met.

Three Versions:

After I’ve worked up three versions of the logo design, we have another meeting. I present the ideas, fonts, colors, and process to the client for feedback and clarification.  

three variants on a theme

Checking our color options

We talk about color options, why I made the choices I did, how they’re going to use the logo and make sure that it will be functional across all platforms. 

The Final Version

After any final adjustments are made, I export the file as both vector and raster images. I make sure my clients have all the forms and file types they need to get the job done on their website, social media, and print.  I also always give my clients a copy of the original Adobe Illustrator file. That means they have the editable graphic. I want my clients to have what they need. My goal is to build relationships with all my clients build on trust and integrity. 

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